Hello Offense: Nets 119, Nuggets 108



He dominated the third quarter in the Nets’ game deciding run. Continued his dominance in the 4th as well, in a way we haven’t seen often from him. He abused his matchup with Corey Brewer, but also operating from the middle of the floor was a great playmaker, hitting for nine assists.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Wasn’t much of a factor on offense, but showed some great activity on the defensive end, including a highlight worthy chase down block.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Found himself in lots of good spots offensively and was a boost off the bench for the Nets tonight.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Normal, steady production from Lopez tonight, but he gets bumped up half a letter grade for his sweet new hairdo.


Great response from his lackluster first game as a starter, Watson looked the part tonight. His five threes were all huge, but his also penetrated and caused breakdowns in the Nuggets defense resulting in more offense for others.

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