D-Will, KG, Joe Johnson among top jersey sales

The NBA officially released their top jersey sales from last season, globally and domestically, and a few Nets were featured in the list.

Deron Williams’ #8 was the eighth-best selling jersey, Kevin Garnett’s Celtics jersey came in 14th and Joe Johnson finished 15th in global sales.

Deron Williams also took the number eight spot in U.S. sales.

The global top ten in NBA jersey’s was LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Blake Griffin and Rajon Rondo.

Honestly, if the #11 Brooklyn Brook Lopez jersey isn’t number one next year, there is something seriously wrong with this country.


  1. Dude, Lopez’s scoring is going down with all the other scoring options on the team. Factor in that Nets fans will have 8 or 9 legitimate jersey buy options and Lopez doesn’t stand a chance. 
    DWill – Best player and leader of team with lots of wins. 
    JJohsnon – Mr Clutch, smooth and scores points. 
    Pierce – His nickname is “The Truth”. He happens to be arguably the a top five player in the greatest NBA franchise ever. And he is still very good. 
    Kirilenko – He is Russian, he is good at just about everything required of basketball players. and he is very odd looking. 
    Garnett – He is one of the best NBA player ever. If you love like a brother him, he slips into your top ten. If you really respect him he is in your top 20. If you like him (and recognize that current NBA players are would easily beat players who played in the 70s), you have him in your top 30. And his number is a shout out to a New York player. 
    Reggie – He rebounds like a monster and better than everyone ever except for Rodman. Read again. Better than everyone except Rodman. That’s a lot of folks. 
    Lopez – He’s an All Star, young, he scores points and is a comic book fan. Seems great.
    Terry – Gets tatoos for his team. 6ith man contender. 
    Plumlee – Actually a legit top level prospect. He will dunk of folks. He has become a sleeper. 
    Blatche – Super skilled and very tall. Arguably has finally figured it out and is now a top ten center in the league. Does that sound scary? It should. It is also plausible. 
    Yeah, there are a lot of Jerseys to sell on this team.

  2. I got the Brook white jersey for Christmas last season.  He  should be stormin the rankins sooner or later.   I still see the blue Petrovic #3 jersey at times.

  3. Joe Johnson # 15 on the Global sales list really surprises me…Garnett is at #14 globally right behind Westbrook # 13 and Paul # 14.

  4. JonCBK I’m also glad Plum fell to us…Do you think Plumlee will get playing time or will he be visiting the D-League all year ?