Chris Bosh Flops on Flopmaster Reggie Evans

Much has been made of Reggie Evans‘s particular penchant for exaggerating contact, but it looks like someone tried to give Evans a taste of his own medicine. Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, when Evans puts a hand in front of him, Bosh makes it seem like he’s just been hit in the gut.

Watch the floptitude in all its glory:


    1. No surprise All-Time Flopmeister Reggie Miller approves of this play. I love how they say he got hit hard in the nose when it’s clear there’s no contact whatsoever.

  1. looks like Spanarkel was really pissed… “oddest FUCKING foul”??

    damn, even left Ian Eagle speechless… if you wanna call me childish, go ahead, but I’ve listened to it 20 times. Just because we EXPECT him to say “LOOKING” doesnt mean he said it…

    Props, Spanarkel!! Love it!!