This is Part 1 of The Glue Guys Brooklyn Nets season preview, joined by a special guest Managing Editor of The Brooklyn Game Devin Kharpertian. We take a player by player look at the roster, set our expectations and throw out some predictions for the year.

Part 2 takes a look at some of the big questions around the NBA: reasonable expectations for the Cavs, what direction are the Knicks heading in (up/down), why would the Spurs not repeat, and MORE!

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For the third consecutive year, Ian Eagle joins The Brooklyn Game for a very special preseason podcast, catching up on all things Nets and Birdman.

Topics of conversation include: the Brooklyn Nets & the Eastern Conference landscape, the storylines in this upcoming Nets season, how Eagle actually got the job as the TV voice of the Nets (and how it involved a diner at 5:30 in the morning), Kevin Garnett's future, and more. At the end, I continue an annual tradition: asking him what he hates most about his color commentators. This year, it's Jim Spanarkel's turn.

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Welcome back to The Glue Guys. Week and a half away from start of the season and The Glue Guys are still in off-season mode!

Start: How stressed should we be about Brook Lopez's Foot?
15:50: Prokhorov-Guggenheim merge: why should we care and how does it impact what we see on the court
31:00: How much can we extrapolate from pre-season buzz about Deron's improved health/happy offense mojo
NBA News (48:30): Shorter Games/Season, NBA TV deal, Diaw's Weight, Bounce Brothers, and Z-Bo-Tie
Killer Komparison (1:12:00): Medical Analysis and Analogies

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The theme of this pod is "If You Were Commissioner For A Day." Basically, if you could change one thing about basketball, the NBA or the Nets, what would you do. You can tweet at us @bkglueguys or comment below for what you would do. Thanks for listening as always.

TGG starts with some chit-chat about splicing animal genes into our own (among other things) then Nets News Nuggets
(13:00) Jack's Jersey Number: How do we feel about the #0
(17:10) Brook's Weight Loss: What would be a successful season for Brook
(22:45) Plums Team USA Experience and Hollins Big-Man Rotation.
(35:30) If you were commissioner for a day, topics include: L.E.D. Basketball Courts, Relegation, 5-Boro Mascots, the Mid-level Cumulative Continuity Bonus, and a Referee Command Center.

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Summer League is over, Free Agency is nearly wrapped up, and it is time to focus on what matters most: Mascots. We want you to get involved! Tweet out your suggestions for who the next Nets Mascot should be with the #MyBrooklynMascot.

Start: Goodbye Paul. Hello Bojan!
18:45: Did Paul Pierce and Deron Williams have a frosty relationship?
26:00: News Around the League: Knicks Orange Jerseys, Love Trade, Embiid's Twitter Revolution, and China.
42:40: Killer Komparison: A deep dive into the next Nets Mascot. #MyBrooklynMascot




The Glue Guys, Brian and Mike, are joined by The Brooklyn Game's Managing Editor Devin Kharpertian to talk about how we got to the point where Kidd is traded to Milwaukee, who is the next Nets coach, how does Kidd leaving impact the team's free agents, and where the Nets stand in the grand scheme of the league.

Start-13:40: How did we get here and how do we feel about it?
13:41-24:30: Which side comes out the worst in all this: Kidd, the Bucks, or the Nets?
24:31-32:15: Kidd leaves, are Pierce and Livingston following him out the door? We discuss.
32:16-47:45: Who is going to be the next Nets coach and who should the next coach be. Also which potential candidate scares you the most.
47:46-Till the End: We take your twitter questions!




The Glue Guys are back once again! Mike and Brian podcast back-and-forth on the last two games in Nets-Heat, and discuss the ridiculousness around the league.

Start -- Outlook on Game 5 against the Heat
9:45 -- How the Nets have (or have not) defended LeBron James
14:00 -- Iso-Joe? The Nets final offensive possessions in Game 4.
19:50 -- A psychological analysis of Deron Williams's free throw shooting routine, and what to expect from him going forward.
39:00 -- 'I Believe That We Will Win' -- Thoughts?
43:30 -- News around the League: Sterling's Interview, Stan Van Gundy to Detroit, Kerr-Pool, and Cavs Fire Brown
54:45-End New Fun Game! Mike says the title of new TV shows and Brian has to guess what they are about.





The Glue Guys Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by The Brooklyn Game's Managing Editor Devin Kharpertian for a special two-part bonanza playoff podcast!

Part 1 above is all the Nets you'll want to hear -- 51 minutes of pure Nets-Raptors goodness, with some requisite weirdness thrown in. I won't spoil the details for you: give it a listen above.


For Part II of The Glue Guys Podcast, Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by Devin again to go around the horn on the playoffs, predicting each matchup from the first round all the way to the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Lot of laughs and bold predictions. Listen above, subscribe on iTunes below.

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Is Mason Plumlee for real? Are the Heat the matchup the Nets want? The Glue Guys are back to help answer those questions! Elliot, Brian, and Mike go around the horn for a podcast recorded right after the end of the Heat-Nets game, when the feeling of the game was still fresh.

Give them a listen above. Rundown below.

Start -- HEAT SWEEP. Mason Plumlee’s block on LeBron and the season sweep of the Heat.
7:00 -- We went there: are the Bulls or a Heat a worse matchup for the Nets?
20:45 -- The last few weeks: Is blowing a big lead and still winning against the 76ers a secret positive?
24:30 -- News Around the League: Pacers problems continue, David Lee’s injury and the Warriors playoff prospects, and the Joe Dumars era: a retrospective.
47:00 -- Killer Komparisons: CHEESE!