The Glue Guys Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by The Brooklyn Game's Managing Editor Devin Kharpertian for a special two-part bonanza playoff podcast!

Part 1 above is all the Nets you'll want to hear -- 51 minutes of pure Nets-Raptors goodness, with some requisite weirdness thrown in. I won't spoil the details for you: give it a listen above.


For Part II of The Glue Guys Podcast, Elliot, Mike, and Brian are joined by Devin again to go around the horn on the playoffs, predicting each matchup from the first round all the way to the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Lot of laughs and bold predictions. Listen above, subscribe on iTunes below.

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Is Mason Plumlee for real? Are the Heat the matchup the Nets want? The Glue Guys are back to help answer those questions! Elliot, Brian, and Mike go around the horn for a podcast recorded right after the end of the Heat-Nets game, when the feeling of the game was still fresh.

Give them a listen above. Rundown below.

Start -- HEAT SWEEP. Mason Plumlee’s block on LeBron and the season sweep of the Heat.
7:00 -- We went there: are the Bulls or a Heat a worse matchup for the Nets?
20:45 -- The last few weeks: Is blowing a big lead and still winning against the 76ers a secret positive?
24:30 -- News Around the League: Pacers problems continue, David Lee’s injury and the Warriors playoff prospects, and the Joe Dumars era: a retrospective.
47:00 -- Killer Komparisons: CHEESE!




The Glue Guys are back! Elliot, Brian, and Mike talk Nets & all things NBA, including a preview of tonight's Nets-Heat game.

Here's your rundown:
Start-11:00 -- Looking at the Nets wins over the Kings and Raptors.
11:00-15:15 -- Do the Nets have loud fans? Can an atmosphere be built?
15:15-19:00 -- Previewing Nets-Heat tonight.
19:00-34:45 -- News Around the League: Phil Jackson nearly a Knick, Steve Kerr the coach? Marcin Gortat wants to bring NHL-style fighting to the Association? Sixers-Bucks race for the bottom, who's going to lose to win?
34-45-End -- Killer Komparisons: The Wall Street One Percenters? The guys talk what certain D-League teams be called if they were started in different New York City neighborhoods.




Today, I'm happy to introduce a new podcast on The Brooklyn Game by "The Glue Guys," two die-hard Nets fans named Elliot and Brian, and a die-hard Wizards fan named Mike (to keep things balanced). These guys have done a great Nets podcast for the last few months under the name "The Patroons," and we've come together to get them on The Brooklyn Game. Give them a follow on Twitter @BKGlueGuys.

They are incredibly good, biased people. Give it a listen.

Here's the rundown of the first episode:
Intro-10:00 -- On the loss to the Golden State Warriors; Elliot's trip to Oracle Arena in a MarShon Brooks Nets jersey
10:00-17:30 -- On Deron Williams; is this strong start post-All Star break for real?
17:30-27:15 -- On signing Jason Collins; real move or PR flack?
27:15-42:30 -- Around the league: Raymond Felton's felony gun charges, adding a four-point shot, Elliot's push to expand the court, and who would play Bill Murray's character in Space Jam 2?
42:30-End -- Top buyout candidates around the league


Nets play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle, dealing with Mike Fratello's shenanigans.

For the third episode of The Brooklyn Game Podcast, I sat down with Brooklyn Nets play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle for 38 delightful, all-encompassing minutes. We talked about the Nets, the playoff series, the future of the team, what he hates most about Mike Fratello, and so much more.

To give you an idea of the conversational direction, I've included timestamps below. Enjoy.

Introducing Ian Eagle: "Sloan Paper Proposal: Podcast Percentage"
Traveling & Preparation: Play By Play Across The Country
Nets-Bulls: Game 3, Finding A Sense of Identity
The Rotation, Gerald Wallace & Reggie Evans: Does the lineup need adjustment?
On: Billy King
Reminder: Mikhail Prokhorov is very tall, Ian & Devin disagree on his basketball talent
P.J. Carlesimo's future with Brooklyn and the playoff test
Ian's favorite city to eat in leads to a sad love story that uses the word "fajita" multiple times
Ian espouses on what's different about the NBA today from when he started, and why he doesn't have a Twitter account
"What if all of my dreams had crumbled coming out of Syracuse?"
"What is the thing you hate most about Mike Fratello?"
The hilarious truth behind Mike Fratello's rorschach drawings
Conclusion: psychology, fortitude, adjustments, Spanarkel's jealousy

Download link HERE: Episode 3: Ian Eagle (Go to the menu and click "Save Page As")


Ryan Ruocco, Mike Fratello

Ryan Ruocco (right) telling Mike Fratello a little something.

We're back! Talking! Podcasting! LIVING!

After a raucous success chatting with voice of the Brooklyn Nets Ian Eagle, we decided... well, not to do podcasts for a while. Sorry about that. But today I had the pleasure of chatting with other voice of the Nets, YES Network Play-by-Play announcer, and co-host of ESPN New York Radio’s mid-day show, Stephen A. Smith & Ryan Ruocco, Ryan Ruocco about all things Brooklyn Nets. Ryan isn't just a stuffy play-by-play guy -- having the pleasure of talking to him today makes it clear that Ryan knows the game of basketball inside & out.

We got to talk weather, Brooklyn, the roster, P.J. Carlesimo, and playoff previewing. For your convenience, there's a schedule below, as well as a link to download the podcast directly and play it wherever you'd like.

0:00-1:00: Introducing Ryan Ruocco & "The Ian Eagle Hype"
1:00-7:50: The Circus Trip & The Weather (Also: Ryan confirms he is an eligible bachelor and tells us his favorite musical artist)
7:50-12:50: Breaking down the loss to the Chicago Bulls
12:50-15:35: Topic: Brook Lopez's evolution
15:35-22:20: Topic: Deron Williams and his bonkers-ness
22:20-28:00: Part I: PLAYOFFS!? To Tank Or Not To Tank
28:00-32:50: Part II: PLAYOFFS!? Matchup Preview
32:50-39:35: P.J.'s Rotations
39:35-43:05: Topic: Gerald Wallace and his genetic code
44:45-46:47: Where to stalk Ryan Ruocco tonight, and goodbye!

Download link here (Go to the menu and click "Save Page As")


I joined YES Network's weekly Off The Wall Podcast with Chris Shearn and Joe Auriemma today. We talked everything Nets basketball, the Knicks getting old and bad, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a fervent discussion on the best pizza & chicken wings we've ever had. Lot of fun on this one.