How The Nets Swept The Heat During The Regular Season

LeBron James

The Heat & the Nets go for at least four more games. (AP)

The New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets do not have an illustrious history against the Miami Heat. In the NBA regular season, the 26-year-old Heat hold a 59-45 edge over the itinerant Nets franchise. The disparity is even more pronounced in the playoffs, with the Nets winning a solitary game in two playoff series against the Shaquille O’Neal/Dwyane Wade-led Heat in 2005 and 2006. In the first three years of the Heat’s Big Three era, the mid-move Nets went a big 0-for-9 against Miami in the regular season.

But that was before Truthball came to the boroughs. Led by Lebron-nemesis Paul Pierce, the new-look elderly Nets swept the defending back-to-back champions in all four 2013-14 regular season matchups. Four wins won’t come so easily against the Heat in the playoffs, so let’s recap the good times from the regular season while we still can.