Brook Lopez will be a game-time decision vs. Knicks

Brook Lopez will be a game-time decision Tuesday night against the Manhattan/New York Knicks, the team announced today. After going through non-contact drills, Lopez practiced with the team today and participated in five-on-five drills. Avery Johnson has said that Lopez feels no pain after incurring a mild sprain on the top of his right foot.

Lopez’s recovery tomorrow is key to deciding if he’ll play. Johnson’s general rule with injuries, as shown by how he handled Wallace and now Lopez, is to see how a player works through a full practice and then recovers the day after.

With Lopez out of the lineup for the past four games, the Nets offense has gotten roughly eight points worse per 100 possessions, but weirdly enough, it’s their defense that has suffered more.


  1. I’m going to say 80-20 that he plays. He’s really going to have to feel pretty bad tomorrow for him to sit out.

  2. What’s with this “Manhattan/New York” Knicks garbage?

    You have no right to unilaterally re-name a sports franchise for your own self-interest. This is a deliberate attempt to marginalize the Knicks by regionalizing them to just one borough.

    Sorry, the Nets may represent only one borough, but the Knicks do not. Truly sickening, this pathetic little psychological ploy.

    1. Lol oh man. Get a life. It’s a joke, saying there’s more thAn one team in NYC. You’re on a Nets site and complaining about that? Are Knicks fans’ psyche that fragile they can’t handle it. I’ve already seen that they are the most sensitive fans in the league. In comes BK and they can’t stand they’re not the most overrated team anymore.

  3. Its a joke, saying there’s more than one team in NYC? What’s that supposed to mean, we know that already.

    This “Manhattan/NY” label used in the article wasn’t used as a joke- if you don’t believe me, ask the guy who wrote this if he meant it as a joke. I doubt he has the guts to admit the REAL reason, but it ain’t cuz he was joking around, i guarantee you.

    Question: do you root for the Yankees or Mets? If you do, would you like your team referred to as the Bronx Yankees or the Queens Mets? It would be wrong because both teams represent more than just the Boroughs they play in. And guess what? I think fans of both teams pretty much know that just because both teams use “NY” before their respective names that there is more than one baseball team in NYC that represent the city.

    And if you can’t understand that, then that would be a joke.

      1. Lol, really, man? You’re really getting worked up over that? Jeez. Get a life. My last comment was rushed and a little skewed. I meant the Knicks are the most overrated team and fans can’t handle that someone is threatening their hold in NYC. I’d be more offended that the Giants/Jets/Red Bulls have the NY name but play in NJ. That’s worth being offended over.

        Do you think someone (besides you of course) says, hey, I realize they are the Manhattan Knicks and I am offended and threatened by that?