Brook Lopez turning into true Brookie Monster

Brook Lopez Brooklyn Nets


Brook Lopez is in the midst of the best season of his career; the 7-foot Brooklyn Nets center is averaging 18.7 points on 52.6% shooting from the field and 7.2 rebounds in just 29.4 minutes per game. He’s producing a career-high 113 points per 100 possessions while using more possessions than ever, and ranks fourth in the NBA in the all-encompassing Player Efficiency Rating statistic, behind only LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul. He ranks seventh in the NBA in blocks per game and sixth in blocks percentage. He’s got the most ridiculous face in sports. These accolades helped him earn his first All-Star appearance.

One major reason for Brook Lopez’s surge: his newfound strength. Lopez weighed in at practice yesterday at 280 pounds, the heaviest he’s been in his career. It’s a weight increase that’s exclusively muscle mass, according to Nets trainer Jeremy Bettle.

Lopez weighed in at 256 pounds in the NBA’s predraft measurements, and he says he was 265 pounds at some point in his rookie season. Whether it’s 15 or 24 extra pounds of muscle, the point remains — that’s a lot of added strength on his frame, and it’s helped him have the best season of his career.

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  1. i have been saying for years that this website is OUT OF CONTROL with analysis of statistics–stats arent the key -what is most impt. is how the team functions together to win-especially big games which an analysis this year reveals the Nets doing poorly!!
    if any of the writers on this site go to games–you would easily note that any good team quickly takes advantage of the Nets major weakness-they isolate Brook Lopez on pick and rolls and he is too damm slow to move quick enough to cover–this puts stress on everyone else to slide over creating shots for the opposition!!
    therefore stats are meaningless in terms of Lopez–he is a major liability on defense–i wrote on this site a few weeks ago,that someone within the Nets organization told me that Prokhorov nor King wanted Dwight Howard–i now read on hoops hype that the rumor is that Prokhorov wants King to pursue Howard again–the owner has been at some of the Nets losses recently–i am sure he has seen the major liability to having Lopez as a core player–
    i,personally,dont believe this team can be elite as long as Lopez is their center–i am quite aware that he can score points and people within the organization acknowledge that he is the best person on a personal basis on this team –but that doesnt get you a championship
    his value hopefully is highest and they should get someone who can get them farther as the owner desperately wants