Have Turnovers Killed The Nets’ Chances Vs. Hawks?

The Brooklyn Nets face a daunting task: in the history of the NBA playoffs, an eighth seed has knocked off a one seed only five times. Even with extra-long odds, not all eighth seeds are made equally, and the Nets are one of the weaker NBA playoff teams in recent history. So to do something […]

The LeBron Rules

Michael Jordan was the best player on the planet, a revolutionary scorer so potent that in order to vanquish him, the Detroit Pistons had to develop elaborate principles to follow on defense. They called them “The Jordan Rules,” a term so popular that a book about Jordan was released a few years later with the […]

How The Nets Make Paul Pierce Great

A Hall of Fame performance is rarely the act of an individual. Paul Pierce’s fourth quarter takeover in Game 1, combined with his declaration of “That’s Why I’m Here!” while running back to the huddle was, though wildly entertaining, no exception. It wasn’t only Pierce’s veteran guile or his lifetime of difficult shot-making experience at […]

All-Time Nets All-Stars, Point Guard Edition: Stephon Marbury Retro Diary

2000-2001 Stats: 67 GP, 38.2 MPG, 23.9 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 7.6 APG, 1.2 SPG, 0.1 BPG, 44.1 FG%, 32.8 3P%, 79.0 FT% 2000-2001 Advanced: 54.0 TS%, 48.4 eFG%, 22.7 PER, 110 ORtg, 109 DRtg, 7.8 WS All-Star Team? Yes Team: 26-56 Unpopular opinion alert coming: Stephon Marbury is an underrated player in Nets history. Marbury […]

Is Mason Plumlee’s ceiling Tyson Chandler?

If you watched the Brooklyn Nets beat the New Orleans Pelicans 93-81 Sunday night, you saw the type of player Mason Plumlee can become. With 22 points and 13 rebounds, Plumlee epitomized everything a modern NBA center should be and in turn gave the Nets a new dimension: vertical weaponry. If you’ve been following the […]

Anatomy of a Disaster: Nets Collapse In Crunch Time

It was December 28, 2000. The Nets led the Boston Celtics 111-109, with less than two seconds left, and had the ball at half-court. “Luscious” Lucious Harris was the inbounder. The anti-hero? An NBA journeyman named Milt Palacio. That was a certified Nets disaster, and it was nearly topped last night. When you’re the NBA’s […]

Kirilenko showing why he’s needed

Seeing the inevitable “Kirilenko listed as OUT” tweet on the afternoon of Nets game day was becoming a frustrating sight. As days turned into weeks turned into months, Kirilenko’s absence became just one more drop in the Nets’ ever-cresting wave of disappointment. But back healthy (relatively) and in the lineup again, it’s easy to see […]

Deron Williams, drag screens give Nets offensive push

Deron Williams, Kris Humphries

It’s amazing what adding an All-Star point guard can do. For someone who hasn’t played much competitive basketball since the start of the season, Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams looked to be near peak form for much of his return against the Celtics. In turn, the Nets offense finally resembled that of a competent NBA […]

Six Things We’ve Seen From The Brooklyn Nets, Part IV:

This may look like just another play: Lance Stephenson misses a shot, and the Nets corral the rebound. But what’s involved in this play defensively is so much more, and it’s one of the major changes the Nets have made heading into this season.

What offense will Jason Kidd run?

Jason Kidd

There’s a few big questions surrounding the Brooklyn Nets hiring recent retiree Jason Kidd as their head coach, but this one may be the biggest: if handed the keys to a franchise, what offense would Kidd, the preeminent point guard virtuoso of his generation, use with Brooklyn’s talented players? To some degree, looking at potential […]