Zach LaVine Tears Down Barclays Center With Two Ridiculous Dunks, Is Not Human

19-year-old rookie Zach LaVine tore the house down at Barclays Center with his dunks so badly they might get another leak from the roof.

LaVine, who came out to a live performance of the “Space Jam” theme song, threw down a reverse between-the-legs dunk off a bounce while wearing a Space Jam jersey and Space Jam shoes. The movie Space Jam is one of the things that inspire him to pursue a basketball career, in a shocking twist. For his second dunk, LaVine went behind-the-back and under his butt for his second dunk, which also earned him a perfect score of 50.

LaVine got a 50 for both dunks, because there is no possible higher score, and eventually won the contest, beating Victor Oladipo in the final.