Your Grades: Led By D-Will, Reggie, & Stack’s House

Every game night, we ask you guys — the fan — to grade the players on their performance that night. Here’s some of the early results.


Some immediate thoughts:

  • We mostly agree on things because we’re all wonderful people. D-Will was excellent, Stackhouse was snakeskin, and Reggie moved earth to make rebounding and defensive heaven.
  • That said, we don’t agree on everything, you crank rascals with no intuitive grit-grindin’ guts for brains! For one, you’re too nice to Joe Johnson tonight. C- is a passing grade. Johnson shot 3-12 (note: I wrote “snot” by accident instead of “shot” and considered keeping it) from the field and didn’t contribute much of consequence. Had that been another shooting guard, with less pressure and hype, would he still get a C-?
  • Tonight was a hard game to gauge for Humphries — he was fine if unspectacular in limited minutes and sat the crucial final ten minutes of the game. Do we grade him for what he did? Do we take into account Avery sitting him down the stretch? I honestly don’t know.
  • One thing I want to reiterate: you don’t have to grade all the players. I see Toko and Mirza getting grades and have no idea what to think about them. I mean, it’s up to you. If you think Toko’s suit was ballin’ and want to grade him on that, go for it. I just didn’t expect it.
  • You guys gave Lopez a B+, slightly lower than me. I presume it was because of his sometimes lackidasical defense (fair). But in a weird way, that defense helped the Nets: when Raymond Felton would dart around those top-of-the-key triple-screens, Lopez would hang back and let him clang midrange jumpers. Had he hedged up — which would be more in line with Avery’s defensive system — Felton may have been able to freeze Lopez, drive past him, and get a couple easy layups.

More thoughts? Things? More grades you want to give? Want to skew the results? It’s up to you. Make it happen.