Yi Looks…Different…In A Good Way

Yi Jacked

So all-star commenter Manuel posted a link to a picture of Yi playing basketball right now, and it is so impressive that it deserves it’s own post.

Yi right now:

Just looking at him you can tell he is more muscular than he was last year, but to really emphasize it, here is a picture of Yi last year:

The difference is to the point of being ridiculous.  Seriously, you could give these pictures to 10 people who don’t watch the NBA and I gurantee you that at least 5 would “no, that is not the same person.”

Couple this with the fact that according to reports he is attacking the basket and settling for jumpers less, I am super pumped to see Yi this year.  I was going in with the “wait and see” attitude for Yi this year, but I don’t know, after seeing his stats and then seeing this picture, I am starting to get excited about him.  Because imagine if we get the Yi everyone has been waiting for.  Add that to Brook, Devin, and Courtney Lee and this team isn’t looking that bad.  Not bad at all…