Yahoo: Nets will Fire Frank This Week

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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports is reporting that the Nets organization plans to fire head coach Lawrence Frank this week when the team returns from its west coast trip. The axe could fail on Frank as early as Monday morning according to Wojnarowski’s sources.

This decision will come regardless of how the Nets play against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight. As has been reported by the beat writers, the plan is for team general manager Kiki Vandeweghe to take over for Frank as an interim head coach, though Wojnarowski is reporting there is also support in the organization for assistant John Loyer.

I’m obviously not surprised about this report, but if the team is ready to pull the trigger, what are they waiting for? Or as Sebastian wrote about last week, why did they even bring Frank into this season in the first place? Oh yeah, we have a team owner that has financially run this team into the ground in his quest to move them to compliment his  development plans in Brooklyn and was therefore too cheap to pay Frank to sit out for a the season. How could I forget that?

Regardless, after an 0-16 start (with more losses likely to come), this move will do very little to salvage was is already a lost season for this organization. I doubt Kiki will be the long-term solution here, especially if Mikhail Prokhorov takes over as owner in the new year. So let the chaos continue…