Who wins when Brook & Robin Lopez play HORSE? You guessed it

It’s gotta be the hair. (AP)
It's gotta be the hair. (AP)
It’s gotta be the hair. (AP)

You’ve probably heard by now that gargantuan Californian twins Brook and Robin Lopez will both make a home in the New York area these days, after Brook re-upped with the Nets for three years and Robin inked four seasons with the Knicks. Bringing the two together allows them to break out their competitive sides in person far more often… even if it’s just a childhood game.

Enter Maxim, who watched the Lopez twins during a 20-minute game of HORSE in Downtown Manhattan, and caught a glimpse of their personalities. Robin, who loves comic books as much as his twin, said he was giddy to practice in Westchester. Why? “Just like the X-Men.” Duh.

Brook, who said last season that he believed he had a better fashion sense than Robin, also considers himself the better-looking twin.

“I don’t know—I think I might go out with this guy just because I would look so good next to him,” Brook says, pointing at his brother’s goofy, Sideshow Bob–style mop. “I mean, come on, who are they going to pick when we are walking together? Not even close, seriously.”

“Should I lend out my services to people?” Robin joins in.

“Yeah, stand next to them and see what happens. You’re like the perfect wingman.”

As for the game of HORSE? Well, put it this way. One brother has a career average of 17.9 points per game, and could stretch his game to the three-point line sooner rather than later. The other? 8.2 points per game. That should spoil it for you.

Maxim — The Twins Take Manhattan