Will the Nets Shut Deron Williams Down?

Al Iannazzone is reporting that after Deron Williams injured his right wrist (again) in last night’s 110-95 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Avery Johnson and the Nets are discussing possibly shutting DWill down or at the very least, limiting his minutes down the stretch:

“I don’t think we can continue every game at this rate,” Johnson said. “Maybe sometimes it feels good. It significantly affects his shooting, or he injures it and we have to take him out, so we’ll have a discussion about it. We’ll talk about it.”

Well, the loss to the Bucks probably officially torpedoed the Nets floundering playoff chances, but it would still be a terrible shame to see Williams sit. My guess is he’s going to try and tough it out, but Avery will probably limit his minutes as the next few weeks march on.