Will Kidd shave? Could Nets trade Brook? Plumlee All-Rookie? Roundup

Jason Kidd
Don’t do it, Jason. (AP)
Jason Kidd
Don’t do it, Jason. (AP)

We don’t normally do this, but with the last two days of the season at hand and a fair amount of Nets news & notes around the ‘net, here’s what’s cooking:

  • On ESPN Radio yesterday, Jason Kidd said there’s a good chance he might shave his beard tomorrow in anticipation of the playoffs. This could be a colossal mistake that swings the playoff race. The touch of gray is the magic totem keeping this Nets season alive.


  • Over at TrueBrooklyn, Beckley Mason takes a look at the elephant in the room: are the Nets better without Brook Lopez? (Note: we looked at this back in January, but there’s a lot more evidence that leads to the same conclusion.)

  • Looking at a few writer ballots, it looks like Mason Plumlee’s getting at least two third-place All-Rookie votes.

  • Speaking of Plumlee, the Washington Square News sat down with him for a one-on-one interview to talk his adjustment to the league and the playoffs, adding that he thinks Indiana will be toughest to beat. He also offers up this gem on being a rookie: “If you get their towels, bags and water for guys it’s not so much about that, but Paul knows if I can remember to get him a towel after every game then I can remember to rotate on help on defense, so it’s really bigger than the towel, you know?”

  • Former Nets forward Tornike Shengelia, who the Nets traded to Chicago for Marquis Teague, was waived by the Bulls in favor of Greg Smith yesterday. Poor Toko.
  • At Nets-Knicks tonight, Barclays Center usher Bryan Bautista will sing the national anthem. Then he’ll get back to work.

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