Who’s Your All-Time Nets All-Star Team?



NBA All-Star Weekend Starts tomorrow in New Orleans, where Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson becomes the 14th player in franchise history to represent the Nets at the All-Star Game. While he and Mason Plumlee (Rising Stars Challenge) enjoy the weekend’s festivities, we wanted to take a look back. So we’re asking you guys:

Who’s your All-Time Nets All-Star Team?

So here’s how we’re going to do it: we chose the five best prime years (in our estimation) at each position in Nets history. We’ve pitted them against each other, and want you to vote on who YOU think is the best choice for an All-Time Nets All-Star Team.

Along with a comprehensive breakdown of their stats and team success, our crack team at The Brooklyn Game has assembled the case for each player at each position. Though some look easy on the outset, we’re talking the one best year for these guys, not their careers. So you’ll have to think about how good they were when they were at their absolute best.

Each day will be devoted to one position throughout the weekend. You’re also encouraged to vote “YES” for more than one player per position.

At the end of the All-Star festivities, we’ll release the official results for who you’ve chosen as the team’s starters and reserves (tallied by % of “YES” votes), presenting the full All-Time Nets All-Star Team.

Voting on PG’s starts tomorrow!