Where is Deron Williams’s confidence? How can he get it back?

Deron Williams
How can Deron Williams rebuild his confidence? (AP)
Deron Williams
How can Deron Williams rebuild his confidence? (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets played at their highest level in January, with Deron Williams missing a few games and then coming off the bench. But he’s struggled with consistency in his return, and Williams admitted after the team’s 97-96 loss to Indiana Pacers Saturday night that his confidence, once high during his hot streak last season, is waning:

After going 3-for-12 on his way to 13 points and six assists in his return to the starting lineup, Williams admitted his confidence — always an issue for the franchise star — isn’t where he needs it to be.

“It’s not my highest,” he said with a sheepish smile. “It’s been tough … just being in and out of the lineups, missing two weeks here and there.

“I feel like I get my legs back, get my legs in shape, and then I go out again. Then I’ve got to just do it all over again. It’s just been a struggle.”

Tim Bontemps, New York Post — Deron Williams admits his confidence level’s low

It’s hard to build that confidence when you’re shuffling in and out of the lineup with a struggling team. It’s also hard to assess accurately another human being’s confidence level, and what can bring them where they want to be.

Last year, I spoke with William Weiner, PhD, a sports psychology consultant in Manhattan about building a shooter’s confidence, specifically in Gerald Wallace’s case. Wallace said numerous times last year that he had issues with his confidence. A snippet:

“The hope would be that he could integrate some good solid positive self-talk that helps him to get in touch with the player that he’s been at times. He’s not a great scorer, but he’s been a really good player. He’s got to get in touch with that guy and not think about what coach is thinking, or how many minutes he’s getting, and stay really focused on what he does on the floor and staying loose and following through on the shot.

“He’s got to coach himself back into playing to potential.”