What It Will Take To Land Carlos Boozer?

Carlos Boozer was a big name thrown around by Nets fans towards the beginning of free-agency.  Many people were talking about acquiring Boozer through a sign and trade or through free-agency, but then Boozer picked up his player option, and then Rod Thorn said we were going to sit back and wait, and then all the talk quieted down.

It seems like the talk is starting up again though.  Tim Buckley of the Dessert News mentioned New Jersey as a potential trade partner for the Jazz:

Chicago, Miami, New York, Detroit and now New Jersey have been most prominently mentioned as possible destinations for Boozer ever since he decided late last month to opt in for the final season and last $12.65 million on his current six-year, $68-million contract with the Jazz.

In my opinion, there is no way we are going to fleece the front office of the Jazz.  Here is what we are going to have to give up in a deal for Boozer:

An Expiring Contract:

If the Jazz are going to give up an expiring contract in Boozer, they should expect one or more in return.  The Jazz have some decisions to make in upcoming years about who to re-sign (Okur and Ronnie Price are free agents next year and Kirilenko’s is up in 2), and they need the expiring contracts to be able to do this.

Draft Picks:

The Jazz have a history of making strong draft picks (Paul Millsap and Deron Williams come to mind), so if they are going to unload Carlos Boozer, they should expect to get some draft picks in return.

A Young Player:

Expiring contracts and draft picks won’t be enough to land Carlos Boozer, they are probably going to require a young player in a deal as well.  Preferably someone at a position they aren’t that deep in, as well as one that can help them in the future.  Chris Douglas-Roberts is the player that pops into my mind.

I have no problem in giving up the draft picks and the expiring contracts (mainly because we are getting a expiring back in return, and it won’t hurt our future), and if we can get a deal done with just these two aspects I will be jumping for joy.  It just isn’t going to happen though.  Utah is a solid, smart, and well-run franchise, and they won’t be fleeced.  In my opinion, the only way this deal gets done is if we add CDR.  I don’t want to see that happen.  I think CDR is going to be a special player, and I don’t want to see him get dealt for a rental player (Let’s face it, he probably won’t be willing to re-sign with the Nets in one year, especially if we are saving our money for two of the big three).

I am not the biggest Boozer fan (he is injured too much and he isn’t a good locker room guy – not good with a bunch of young players) and I don’t want to see this trade made, but if it does happen, I guess it could work out well for the Nets (I know I am contradicting myself now).  If Boozer stays heathly and has a solid year, the Nets may decide to re-sign him.  If we do, NJ (or Brooklyn) would be more attractive to one of the big three.  That being said, the price tag (if this is in fact the price tag) is still a little too high in my mind.