Welcome to The Brooklyn Game

So, some of you may be thinking right now, “Where am I? I just went to NetsAreScorching.com, my favorite Nets site for news, analysis, and Cialis medication, and for some reason I’m at this new website! I fear change!”

Some of you may have come here never having heard of Nets are Scorching — and are maybe now intrigued by the Cialis — but are curious about this new phenomenon known as the Brooklyn Nets.

You’re both in the right place. Welcome to The Brooklyn Game, a comprehensive new site dedicated to the on-court and off-court evolution & impact of the Brooklyn Nets. A great city with a professional team deserves a world-class website, and The Brooklyn Game includes the full archives from Nets are Scorching and some of its staff — but has added many new elements.

The Brooklyn Game brings you everything Nets are Scorching did — including hardcore X’s-and-O’s basketball analysis, links to the best Nets talk around the web, interviews — and more:

1) Forums. The Brooklyn Game has all-new forums (you can see them up there on the “Forums” tab in the menu), and they’re just getting started. Here’s the place to fight with friends over the Nets backcourt, the best Barclays food, or the various ways the Knicks suck. Over to you! (And you Nets are Scorching veterans: please welcome the new folk). Go the forums, sign in (using Facebook, Twitter or, if you don’t have those, our own registration) and get in the game.

2) The “Brooklyn” page. We’ve now got a section devoted to Brooklyn’s impact on the franchise and community. Some things you’ll see in Brooklyn: historical background of Brooklyn sports, interviews with Brooklyn athletes and coaches, a touch of Dodgers nostalgia, and analysis and opinion of the meaning of Brooklyn athletics.

3) The “Fans” page. This area pulls together your photos, tweets, message boards comments and article submissions. We’ll be especially looking for tweets with the hashtags, #Nets and #TBG (for TheBrooklynGame) Please send us your photos of the players, games, Nets clothing, or anything you think our fellow fans would enjoy.

4) There’s so much in the Nets navigation that I don’t even know where to start, so check it out from the top down! Player profiles, statistics, a regular run down on the rivalry with the Manhattan Knicks, Nets for Beginners, and yes, even an area dedicated to the Brooklynettes (I go for the articles).

I also think it’d be just swell if you followed us on Twitter (if you followed Nets are Scorching, you’re already set!) and checked out our Facebook page.

This is just for starters. We’ll be adding exciting new features in the coming days and months.

Of course the site is brand new, and no doubt has some bugs, so please let us know how we can improve things either by commenting in the forums or on the contact us page. For one thing, if you’re reading on a mobile device, the site’s going to look screwy for a few days. We’re figuring that out. (If you’re on a tablet, reading horizontally should look fine.)

One more time: welcome to The Brooklyn Game. I can’t wait for this season.