Watch The Nets Workout TOMORROW AT 11

Quick Update #2: is now stating that the webcast will be tomorrow at 11.  Again NetsAreScorching will be watching and we will be giving you guys a breakdown of what we see.  The site says: “Tune in tomorrow at 11 a.m. to see the Nets Training Camp live exclusively on We are experiencing technical difficulties, we are sorry for the inconvenience. “

Quick Update: now says to tune in at 11:30 for live training camp video, so we got another 15 minutes or so…

With the Nets canceling media day yesterday, we as Nets’ fans got deprived of some of the great quotes and other stuff that the other teams got.  All we got is this video and some pictures of everyone in their jerseys.  Stuff like this:

So as Nets fans, we are just left in the dark right?  Wrong.  We get to see the Nets first official workout live.  Head over to at 11, and you see a link to watch it.  I will be watching, and if anything of note happens, I will be able to report it to you guys.