Watch Brook Lopez Play Defense Against A Toddler

Poor form, Brook. The kid crossed him right over and didn’t even give him a fighting chance. He’s lucky he dribbled right back into his area.

This Instagram post from a month ago is from the Hoop Heaven camps, hosted in New Jersey by Lopez, Mason Plumlee, and former Nets guard C.J. Watson. While Lopez might have thrown a few games with his poor defense, Mason Plumlee took the time to dunk on his victims:

Some more highlights include:

Brook Lopez accidentally eliminating a kid in knockout and doing the dorkiest Jordan shrug

Mason Plumlee jumping over a camp staffer and dunks

The whole account has some fun videos, go check them out with the links above. Hat tip to Indiana Pacers blog 8 Points, 9 Seconds for linking us to the videos. The Pacers are Watson’s new team.