Wade, Bosh Not Coming But Pritchard Might Be

Chris Broussard is reporting that Dwyane Wade is going to be staying in Miami and Chris Bosh Will be joining him, though nobody is sure whether he will sign straight up with him or if there will be a sign and trade.  They also seem to be making a push to get LeBron James to come so they can create their superteam.  Nobody is sure what will happen in that regard:

Whether LeBron James, the kingpin of this summer’s celebrated free agent class, will join them remains to be seen. James will announce his decision Thursday night at 9 ET during a one-hour special on ESPN.

Wade and Bosh are expected to announce their decision on Wednesday, according to the source.

Both players are expected to get the maximum amount allowable under the league’s collective bargaining agreement, though the addition of James could change the players’ salaries. Contracts cannot be officially signed until July 8.

It was not immediately clear whether Bosh will sign with Miami outright or join the Heat through a sign-and-trade deal. Bosh could earn $125 million over six years via sign-and-trade, but only $96 million over five without it.

In my opinion James won’t be going to Miami (not enough basketballs to go around), but with Bosh signing to Miami that really limits what the Nets might be able to do.  I have been saying for a little while now, even if the Nets don’t get anyone in free agency, they are still looking at a very good young core that can compete for a playoff spot right now (in my opinion) and they will only be getting better.  No reason to force a move like the rumored Harris for Granger deal.

Also, TNT’s David Aldridge is reporting that Kevin Pritchard will be interviewing for the vacant GM job.  This is big news because it is obvious Pritchard is the best man for the job right now.  Pritchard knows how to build a team, and with the Nets right where they are, I expect Pritchard to help them get through the final stage of the rebuilding process.