VIDEO: What Brook Lopez Would Get Twin Brother Robin For Secret Santa If He Could Get Him Anything

As many of you know, Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez has a twin brother, Robin, currently a center for the Portland Trail Blazers. The two are a goofy duo: they were born on April Fools’ Day (no, really) and have written both comic books and TV pilots together.

Friday morning, before Lopez broke his foot and was lost for the season, I asked him this question: if he was Robin’s Secret Santa, and could get him anything in the world, what would he give his twin?

His answer, though predictably Lopezian, was something you’d never guess.

(Note: this video will also be featured on ESPN’s TrueHoop TV.)

Of COURSE Brook wants to get Robin that. Though in retrospect, that’s a terribly sad gift. If only they really existed, Brook could travel back to Friday morning and try to avoid his season-ending injury.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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