VIDEO: Kevin Garnett Tries Biting Joakim Noah

Kevin Garnett will have none of Jason Kidd’s plan to sit him in back-to-backs

Well, this is weird: Kevin Garnett tries biting Joakim Noah’s hand in the fourth quarter of Nets-Bulls Sunday afternoon. I’m relatively certain that does not qualify as a legal basketball play.

Garnett said after the game that he was just messing around with Noah.”I know how to bite somebody. Obviously I was messing around in that moment. It wasn’t serious. I’m not worried about that.”

“If I wanted to bite him, I would’ve,” he added, bobbing his head in a head-biting motion, before calling out to another famous biter. “Shout out to Mike Tyson.”

This isn’t the first time Garnett has tried weird defensive tactics, but I’m pretty sure the referees would notice if Noah was no longer playing with a hand.

(h/t @Ananth_Pandian)