VIDEO: This Was Pretty Cool…

VIDEO: This Was Pretty Cool…

With Deron Williams only playing 22 minutes in Wednesday night’s game, the Brooklyn Nets were in desperate need of some sort of offensive rhythm. Veterans Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett helped out a bit in the 4th quarter.

Terry was able to find Garnett at the the top of the key, who then fired the bullet pass to Brook Lopez for an easy bucket at the rim. It may not have looked like much, but it was a clean, simple play in a late-game scenario, the type of crispness that’s a welcome sight after slogs of late-game isolation offense last season.

It wasn’t enough, as the Nets fell 98-94 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in their season opener. But we’re looking at the positive. Baby steps.

Williams struggled in limited minutes and was taken out for good with 4:58 left in the third quarter. Williams did record 9 assists, but shot just 2-6 from the field. We’ll see what happens Friday night against the Miami Heat.

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