VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Airballs Free Throw After Fans Chant “0-FOR-6”

The Clippers might be getting just about any dunk they want, but at least one’s not doing so well at the free throw line.

The Nets got to fouling Clippers center DeAndre Jordan early and often, and Jordan responded by missing his first six free throws. During his fourth trip to the line, fans in Barclays Center loudly jeered “0-FOR-6!” at Jordan, who responded by airballing a free throw. They then chanted “0-FOR-7!” before the second free throw, and it fell well short. Jordan was visibly upset about the misses. You’ll have to listen closely to hear it, but it was clear and audible in the arena.

To his credit, he did hit his ninth free throw (silencing an “0-FOR-8” chant), bumping his percentage to .111 on the night at that point. He also put down four emphatic dunks in the first quarter, helping boost the Clippers early. But at this rate, the entire Nets big man rotation might foul out by halftime just to keep sending him there.