VIDEO: Brook Lopez talks his approach to storytelling, his family, his future in interview

Ask Brook Lopez a tactical question about basketball strategy and you’ll probably get a monotone response about effort or execution, in which he’ll inevitably blame or chastise himself for not performing well enough. Ask him about writing or creativity, and his eyes will light up. It’s almost like talking to two different people — his twin brother Robin not included. It’s why Lopez is one of the more fascinating personalities in this league: an incredible basketball player at his best when he’s not talking about basketball.

In a commercial for Sprint released on May 22, Brook Lopez sat down for a video interview to talk about his upbringing with a single mom, his love of writing, his future with basketball, and more. Lopez reminisces on growing up with three brothers, and how writing and basketball intersect in his mind.

There’s even a few seconds where we get a peek into a page of Brook Lopez’s journal, in which he’s penning a fictional letter addressed to “Mother Penguin.” Lopez wants to make a prime time television show, a movie trilogy, and/or write a series of novels. I am all for him doing all of these.

As for coming back to the court? Lopez acknowledged that both of his feet needed working on, which gives him two to three months laid up without being able to move much. It gave him an opportunity to reflect on the type of player he is, and what he wants to do going forward.

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