Update: Philadelphia Police refuse to release more details on sexual assault case

Philadelphia Police will no longer release public details regarding an alleged rape that occurred in Andray Blatche’s Four Seasons Hotel suite at 4 A.M. Monday night before the Brooklyn Nets’ game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the department told the New York Daily News in an e-mail.

From the Daily News:

“The Philadelphia Police Department will not release any detailed information regarding the investigation, nor will we release names of any person or person(s) potentially involved (victims, suspects, witness, etc). The information given yesterday was very preliminary and early in this investigation,” the email said.

Ramsey had told the New York Times that Blatche had been present in the hotel suite when the alleged rape occurred, but that he did not commit the assault. Ramsey also questioned the credibility of the alleged victim, saying she was “so drunk…she is not going to be a good witness.”

Lt. John Stanford, a Philadelphia police spokesman, said the department was not backtracking from Ramsey’s comments.

“Commissioner Ramsey said it is in the beginning stages of the investigation,” Stanford said. “Some people may have possibly misinterpreted his words.”

Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate also reported that samples of a date-rape drug were found in the hotel suite rented by Blatche, and that police found compromising photos of the alleged victim in Blatche’s cell phone.
Ramsey, however, seemed to absolve Blatche of any wrongdoing. “From all accounts, (Blatche) was not personally in any kind of assault or anything like that,” Ramsey told the Times. “He was there but not involved.”

According to reports from ABC and CBS Philadelphia, date rape drugs were found in Blatche’s suite, as well as compromising pictures of the alleged victim on Blatche’s cell phone.

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