An Update On The Brooklyn Nets Playoff Situation


It looks like the Zombie Nets’ playoff stagger will take them all the way through the finish line.

After their sixth straight victory, here’s an update on seeding:

  • As of Saturday morning, the Nets now stand alone at seventh in the Eastern Conference, one full game ahead of the eighth-seeded Miami Heat and 1.5 games ahead the ninth-seeded Boston Celtics. They’re also 2.5 games behind the Milwaukee Bucks, who hold the sixth seed. The Bucks had struggled since the trade deadline, but have since won two games in a row.

  • The Nets’ upcoming schedule: in Atlanta against the Eastern Conference-best Hawks Saturday night, the blizzard make-up game against the Portland Trail Blazers Monday, the Hawks again at Barclays on Wednesday, and the Wizards on Friday. Could be a brutal stretch for the team, though the Trail Blazers may not elect to fly everyone out.

  • Curious about tiebreakers? The Nets do hold one over: Charlotte, Indiana. They do not against Boston, Miami. They have one more game against the Milwaukee Bucks; if the Bucks win the game they’ll win the tiebreaker outright, if the Nets win, they’ll go to conference records, which the Nets are far enough behind in that if they beat the Bucks in that, they’ll just beat them outright.