Ugly details surface: drugs, compromising pictures allegedly found in Blatche’s suite

An ugly situation keeps getting uglier. After learning this morning that Andray Blatche was questioned in connection with an alleged sexual assault that occurred in his Philadelphia suite around 4:00 AM this morning, ABC 6 Action News reports that the woman, who was “highly intoxicated,” told investigators that two of the men had raped her and others in the suite had seen the situation.

Additionally, ABC 6 reports that “date rape drug(s)” were found at the scene, as well as compromising pictures of the woman on Blatche’s phone.

From the ABC 6 story:

The woman told investigators at least two of the men raped her and the others saw what was happening.

According to sources, Blatche met the alleged victim at Delilah’s gentlemen’s club near the stadium complex. They say she and two other women went to the Four Seasons around 3:20 a.m.

Crime scene investigators spent the afternoon in the suite occasionally emerging with evidence bags.

As the investigation progressed, Action News learned investigators found samples of the date rape drug in the suite.

We have also learned police have Andray Blatche’s cell phone with compromising pictures of the alleged victim.

It was not made clear in the article what drug was found in Blatche’s suite — there are a few drugs classified as “date rape drugs” — though it is clear given his release and his status as active tonight that Blatche was not considered a suspect in the assault.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.