TWill Turns Off His Tweets

Just saw this nugget via NetsBasketball on Twitter:

Just got word that @therealtwill won’t tweet until the Nets get a ‘W’ … and he liked using Twitter, so don’t expect it to be long.

For those of you not up-to-speed on your social media, therealtwill is none other than Nets rookie Terrence Williams.  Looking at his Twitter account, Williams hasn’t made a post since November 3rd, so this self-imposed embargo must indeed be legit. This is certainly a disappointment, since TWill is probably one of the most entertaining NBA guys on Twitter and one of three Nets (along with Chris Douglas-Roberts, and to a much lesser degree, Devin Harris) on the social media platform.

Looking ahead, if the Nets can find a way to at least get CDR and Courtney Lee healthy enough for the 76ers tomorrow night, we might get TWill back sooner rather than later. But Friday and Saturday night the Nets swing through Florida on the road against the Magic and the Heat, so fingers are crossed that @therealtwill gets his tweets back.