Tuesday Practice Report – Kris Humphries Edition

Tuesday Practice Report – Kris Humphries Edition

First things first.  Kris Humprhies passed his physical, and the deal to send Eduardo Najera is now official.  Humphries got to practice in time to participate through the second half of practice.  When the media was allowed into practice, Humpries was on a far basket working on some post moves as well as the pick and roll game with Chris Quinn:

Jarvis Hayes and Courtney Lee were also working after practice.  They were running through some shooting drills:

A funny story about Kris, as he was walking off the court, Nets’ PR man Aaron Harris had to introduce himself to Humphries before he introduced Humphries to the media.  When he talked to us, the main focus of the conversation was why he hasn’t stuck on a team (the Nets will be his fourth team).  Well if you think about it, he has been behind Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh, and Dirk Nowitzki.  Kris was also a topic of conversation when the media talked to Kiki.  Kiki also talked about Devin Harris.  He is in fact playing tomorrow, so that is something to look forward to.  Here are the full interviews:

Kris’ Interview:

Kiki’s Interview:

As for Devin, he answered a few questions, talking about the injuries, and why he insists on playing despite not being 100%:

One final note on practice as a whole.  We have been getting some e-mails from fans at the game (thanks guys, we read them and do appreciate them!) about how the Nets bench was in shambles.  How the Nets players were yelling at each other and not being focused, while the coaches look disgruntled.  I waited until today to see if this kind of stuff was true, and I have to say, I don’t see it.  I mean when a team is losing (in the moment), there is frustration.  Players and coaches yell.  Today at practice the mood was great and the guys were laughing.

A specific example, Del Harris spent the entire time Terrence Williams was shooting foul shots, watching him and talking to him.  Del was really coaching Terrence up, and the mood looked good.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Del, Terrence, and CDR (who was there as well) were laughing it up.

I think that this is important, because with all the losing, players tend to get negative and when they are negative, they don’t play at their best (in practice if that negativity is there, they don’t focus and they don’t learn).  This stuff is important.