Troy Murphy to GSW Deal Official

After being rumored for most of the day, Al Iannazzone is reporting on Twitter that the proposed Troy Murphy/2nd Round Draft Pick to Golden State for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric is official.

With Johan Petro already in the fold, I don’t see where Gadzuric fits in and he may even be waived. But Wright is an interesting pick-up for the Nets. The guy is super-skinny and injury prone but has always packed a lot of production in a minimal number of minutes. We’ll see if Avery uses him as a back-up to Kris Humphries, especially if Travis Outlaw ends up being just as bad at the four as he’s been at the three this season.

As for Troy Murphy, he never got a fair shake in New Jersey and the rationale for that is debatable. He’ll be waived by Golden State. I hope the NJ native gets picked up by a contender like Boston or Miami and he finally gets a chance to play in the postseason.