Trivia: NBA player for the 76ers, or character in a William Faulkner novel?

Casper Ware, Brett Brown
“No, really. Tell me your name again?” (AP)
"No, really. Tell me your name again?" (AP)
“No, really. Tell me your name again?” (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets play a preseason game against the Philadelphia 76ers today, who under the careful eye of GM Sam Hinkie have amassed a seemingly random collection of basketball talent in an attempt to tank for a high draft pick unparalleled perhaps in NBA history. Most of their 20-man training camp roster is comprised of fringe NBA players and injured high draft picks.

To know the 76ers roster is a true test of a hardcore NBA fan, so here’s a little bit of trivia to test that knowledge. There are 20 names below. Some of them are members of the Philadelphia 76ers 2014-2015 training camp roster. Some of them are characters from American novelist William Faulkner. Can you spot which is which?

Write down your guesses, and once you’re ready, click below to find the answers, as well as the novels the characters were in.

1) Arnett Moultrie
2) Brandon Davies
3) Casper Ware
4) Crawford Gowrie
5) Donald Mahon
6) Elliot Williams
7) Herschell Jones
8) Hollis Thompson
9) Isaac McCaslin
10) Jack Houston
11) JaKarr Sampson
12) Jerami Grant
13) Joe Christmas
14) K.J. McDaniels
15) Quentin Compson
16) Ronald Roberts
17) Sam Caldwell
18) Stu MacCallum
19) Tobe Sutterfield
20) Vladimir K. Ratliff

Answers here