Travis Outlaw Was “Stressed Out”

Something was up with Travis Outlaw in the 10-11 season; we all know that much. Out of the woodwork comes his family, claiming that Outlaw was “stressed” due his new responsibilities as a well-paid player, as well as with his transition to a new team. The Nets have apparently asked Outlaw to do more this season and come into training camp with new ambition.

As a Nets fan, I hope that Outlaw manages to turn a new leaf and come into the next season (whenever that is) with poise and determination. It wouldn’t hurt if he brought some actual productivity to the table either. Like it or not, New Jersey is likely stuck with Outlaw for the next couple of seasons. Thus, I’m somewhat forced to cheer for him and hope that he can become a solid bench scorer. If anything, his family seems like a very nice group of people and make me believe that Outlaw is actually trying this offseason. Hopefully that provides some results.