Tornike Shengelia returns to the D-League for approximately the 9194th time


Tornike Shengelia
Tornike Shengelia
The Brooklyn Nets have sent sophomore NBA forward Tornike Shengelia back to the D-League to join the Springfield Armor for training camp, the team announced today. I’ve stopped counting how many times the Nets have sent Shengelia back and forth between the NBA team and Armor, and Shengelia probably has too — he’s been sent back and forth three times in the last three days alone.

The Nets called Shengelia up after learning that Andrei Kirilenko would miss Saturday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers with back spasms.

There is no official word on Kirilenko’s condition, and with three days before Brooklyn’s next game, it’s possible that the Nets believe Kirilenko will be ready to go Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings, or that the Nets just want to give Shengelia some time to practice with the Armor in case they need him as a fourth-stringer.

Shengelia is otherwise known as the D-League LeBron James, and he’s certainly the King of whatever hotel he stays at in Springfield.