Today in “people are horrible”: Jackie Robinson statue in Coney Island vandalized with racial slurs, swastika

From NBC New York:

A statue of Jackie Robinson outside Brooklyn’s minor league baseball stadium in Coney Island was vandalized with a racial slur and a swastika, police said.

The NYPD hate crimes task force is investigating after the vandalism was discovered on the statue outside the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium Wednesday.

Police say someone wrote in black marker “die n—–” and had a swastika and the word “Hitler.”

It also said “F— Jackie Robinson.”

In an episode of Community called “Accounting for Lawyers” in Season 2, one of the main characters (Jeff, a former lawyer) goes back to his old bastion of questionable ethics at a party with his former law firm. His friends — non-lawyers who worry they’re not cool enough for him — follow him to the party and end up getting caught up in the sea of terrible decisions. After seeing what has happened to his friends, Jeff tells his friends off for their lack of judgment:

“Britta, you’re not a whore. Shirley, Jesus turned the other cheek, he didn’t garner wages. Pierce, do I even need to say this? It is bad to hunt man for sport. ”

This is how I feel right now. Random idiot with a sharpie and a brain disease, do I really have to say this? It is bad to vandalize a statue of one of America’s iconic sports heroes with racial slurs, Hitler references, and insults. What the hell were you thinking?

New York Senator Chuck Schumer said in a statement: “defacing the Jackie Robinson statue is a dagger in the heart to everything America stands for, and I hope those who are responsible are caught, punished and taught why what they did is so disgusting and offensive.”