The Time Lawrence Frank Called Out Nets Scorekeeper Herb Turetzky

Nets longtime scorekeeper Herb Turetzky in 2002. (AP)
Nets longtime scorekeeper Herb Turetzky in 2002. (AP)
Nets longtime scorekeeper Herb Turetzky in 2002. (AP)

Herb Turetzky’s been with the Nets franchise longer than anyone. He’s been the team’s scorekeeper since 1967, when the team played in Teaneck as the New Jersey Americans.

In a feature for ESPN’s TrueBrooklyn, Jake Appleman sat down with Turetzky, who shared some of his best stories:

On the myriad and bizarre promotions he’s seen through the years:

“They were having a night at Rutgers for Rich Kelley [a 7-foot center]. And they made big growth charts: a full-size picture of Rich Kelley. The day they made the growth chart to give out, Rich Kelley got traded. We had a Frisbee promotion, where they gave Frisbees to people before the game. They were coming out of the stands. We had a giant pierogi night there. They had about a 50-foot pierogi on the floor. There were some very interesting things. At Nassau Coliseum, they gave out the promotional red, white and blue ABA basketballs one night. A nice touch for kids. Again, they gave them out before the game. They were all over the floor.”

On getting called out by a coach:

“There was one night, Lawrence Frank was coaching us, and I’d just been inducted into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame in 2004. We were on the ride home from the game and Lawrence is on the radio and Jason [Kidd] might have had 27 points, 12 rebounds and nine assists. On the radio [Frank] goes, ‘I don’t understand. If Herb Turetzky’s such a Hall of Fame scorekeeper, how come he couldn’t find another assist for Jason to get another triple-double tonight.’ I was embarrassed, but it was funny.”

On watching Shaquille O’Neal rip down a basket with his son David, then a ball boy, close by:

“He was sitting on the stanchion, to the right of the basket. When the stanchion started coming down, you see the pictures in the newspapers, you see David’s feet. Reebok put out an ad for the sneaker stores the following season showing that happening and you can see David right there in the picture. When that ad came out in the sneaker stores, I got a copy of it. Shaq autographed it, ‘Dave, stay away from the basket.’”

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