NBA Draft Ticket Data: Do fans enjoy the draft more than Nets basketball?



Since the Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012, the NBA Draft has taken place at the Barclays Center in every successive season. Here are some quick facts for you: tomorrow night’s selections begin at 8pm; the Sixers have the first pick, and they will be taking LSU’s Ben Simmons, according to reports.

The Nets had an awesome first round pick this year (#3), but now they don’t. The Knicks also had a pretty nice first rounder (#9), but that is, you guessed it, in the hands of a different team too. However, what you might not have known is these facts apparently do not matter to the residents of New York City.

For the draft, the average ticket sold on the secondary market is going for $78 a pop, while the average ticket listed is $105. One poor sap paid $445 for a ticket, easily the highest price tag thus far.

The average ticket last year — when both the Nets and Knicks had first round picks — was $90. So while there is a slight drop this year, consider that the average ticket sold to an actual real life Nets game was $64; or, in other words, $14 less for not seeing any real basketball or even the Nets making a first round pick.

So, basically, what we’re saying is that New Yorkers would rather watch other teams make selections with unbridled joy and optimism than watch their local side go 21-61. Congratulations to the Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden for providing memorable experiences for anything other than literal basketball-related activities — here’s to 2016-2017!

The following ticket data is provided by Rukkus.