Quick Recap: Orlando Magic 88, New Jersey Nets 72

The New Jersey Nets (0-9) continued their losing streak against the Orlando Magic ( 7-3) 88-72 in Orlando tonight.  Overall, the Nets played well defensively, but their lack of a second option (I consider Brook the first, but he struggled tonight) with Devin and Courtney out.

  • Rafer Alston led all Nets scorers with 17 points he also had 10 assists and 10 rebounds for his first career triple double.
  • Welcome back Chris Douglas-Roberts who had 5 points in 18 minutes after coming back with swine flu.  His shot looked fine, but you could tell he was winded out there.  I am hoping that he is used a bit tomorrow to help get his legs back so he can be 100% for Tuesday.
  • Sean Williams made an appearance tonight, and besides a moving screen he played pretty well.  Even taking a charge late in the first half.
  • Bobby Simmons chipped in with 15 points with 6 rebounds.
  • Trenton Hassell had 13 points in more than 40 minutes  of play.
  • Dwight Howard led all scorers with 26 points and 12 rebounds.
  • I love Brook Lopez’s emotion, but he needs to control it.  Late in the first, he was tackled in the lane, didn’t get the call and went ahead and just walloped Dwight, getting his second foul and forcing him out of the game.