Those Nets-Emblazoned “Dwight Howard Gametime T-Shirts” In The NBA Store Seem A Little Premature

As of this moment, Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic. He stated tonight that he’s interested in playing out the season as a member of the Orlando Magic. He’s contractually obligated to the Orlando organization, and will continue to be until they either trade him or his contract runs up.

But, that didn’t stop the league from, earlier tonight, putting up “Dwight Howard Gametime” t-shirts on its official league website, with, um, some other team on it:

(h/t @hsquad71)

As Mike Wallace says:

The link has since been taken down, though a quick Google search shows that there was once a link that led to the item with the name “adidas Dwight Howard Gametime T-Shirt –,” and a tagline of “Score adidas Dwight Howard Gametime T-Shirt – The player’s number is subject to change, and the T-shirt will not ship until the official number is issued.”

Now, I, like most able-minded Nets fans, am excited at the possibility of Dwight Howard as a member of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets, for reasons I hope are quite clear. But my excitement at this possibility gets quite tempered when the “coveting thy neighbor’s goods” trait slides into NBA Store territory.

The trade deadline is 3 P.M. (EST) Thursday.