So There’s A Brooklyn Nets Hat For Sale That Costs $695

Via Just Don/Barney's
Via Just Don/Barney’s

Ever want to spend $700 on a Nets hat from the comfort of your own home? Now’s your chance!

Barney’s online store has produced an exclusive Mitchell & Ness Brooklyn Nets baseball cap, retailing for $695. That’s not a typo, the hat costs six hundred and ninety-five dollars. It’s made by Just Don, either out of “black leather and python” or the team’s luxury tax bill, and is a limited edition hat made specifically for All-Star Weekend with a “six-panel design.”

It also cannot be shipped to California, for some reason. But if you’re that lone Nets fan in Sacramento, or feel a little uneasy spending closer to four figures than two for a baseball cap, fear not: the website Brokelyn (where we found the hat) also uncovered a Nets G-String you can buy on Etsy for just $9.99. Men’s and women‘s styles are available. It might be a bit late for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re still looking for a surprise gift, it’ll be hard to find anything stranger.

(h/t Brokelyn)