The Tyshawn Game: Nets 89, Pacers 84 (Game Grades)



Seventeen shot attempts, only one in the restricted area, only six made field goals — and of course, one of them tied the game at 76 with 13 seconds left to send the game to overtime, and hit four big free throws to keep the Nets ahead in overtime.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Hit two corner 3’s and a couple nice shots inside. Played a solid point forward on a few possessions. Stayed within himself. Got some big rebounds down the stretch in regulation and a phenomenal block on what looked like a layup in the final seconds of overtime. After his comments following Sunday night’s game, this is the kind of game you want to see from him — unselfish, smart, energetic.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Monstrous offensive game, as per usual. Had some questionable moments defensively — it’s hard to figure out how much of the coverages are strategy with him to preserve his strength and how much is just Lopez not exerting his will out of the lane. But I’ll take this kind of game scoring any day. Oddly quiet during overtime, though.


The scoring talent hasn’t gone away — he’s still not the most aware player on the court, evidenced by his near-eight-second violation because of his focus on the referees, but he hit some creative shots that reminded me of rookie/Providence MarShon Brooks than most of his games this season.


Outside of that one stupid play in overtime to pad his rebounding stats where he stepped out of bounds, this was good Reggie. Outside of the few times he tried to go up at the rim in traffic — it seems like he gets stuffed twice a game in the exact same fashion — Evans played well; smart within the defensive concepts, and rebounding, rebounding, rebounding. Tonight was his third 20-rebound game of the season. I just wish he had even a modicum of offensive talent.

Tyshawn Taylor POINT GUARD

Played great backup starter minutes — as a point guard, you’d like to see someone who’s more of a distributor, but he played about as well as you’d expect or hope, given the circumstances. Athleticism and aggressive nature on full display. Did have one brainfart moment where he didn’t realize overtime had started and nearly let the tip fly out of bounds, but made up for it by hitting a shot without looking, and then hitting a ridiculous layup. Earned every one of his many minutes.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

At least he hit rim.


0-7, sat in crunch time in favor of rookie Tyshawn Taylor, and rightfully so.