The Trade That Changed Everything: In Thorn We Trust

While some might question whether or not the Nets have made roster moves this summer for team-building reasons or for strictly budgetary ones,, in a review of some of the top trades of the past 20 years, reminds us of what was arguably the best trade ever in the franchise’s history when the Nets acquired Jason Kidd from Phoenix for Stephon Marbury. Kidd had the “character issues” tag when he was acquired, but back-to-back final trips later, I think most Nets fans forgot the assumed risks that came with Kidd. On days where I question the wisdom of team president Rod Thorn, I often come back to that trade and remember that we have one of the best minds in basketball running this ship. Nobody is perfect, but when you can pull off a move that good, you should be able to buy yourself a lot of good will.

Published by Mark Ginocchio