The Nets To Wear Green Against the Celtics On Christmas Day, For Some Reason

brooklyn nets christmas jerseys

According to Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, the Brooklyn Nets will not wear their regular black-and-white uniforms on Christmas Day, instead wearing a uniform designed by adidas that’s… wait for it… green, with white outline.

Green, of course, is the team color of the Boston Celtics, the team the Nets face off against on Christmas.

These uniforms were not designed by the Nets, and the designs are a celebration of 65 years of the NBA’s Christmas games. But can we figure out what person thought it would be a good idea for the Nets, who are playing at home, in Brooklyn, on Christmas Day, to wear the colors of their opponents? Not only that, but a storied franchise that basically bleeds that green color? Why leave the black-and-white at all? And if you’re going to leave it, why not literally pick any other color?


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UPDATE: Here’s what the jerseys look like:

brooklyn nets christmas jerseys

They’re not a Celtics green, which was kind of expected (you can’t have identical green uniforms on two different basketball teams, for obvious reasons). But still, green?