The Nets Remaining Schedule

After 66 games the Nets only have 7 wins.  They need 3 wins to get to 10, and thus avoiding the infamy of having the worst record in the history of the NBA.  While most experts and fans agree that the Nets aren’t the worst team in the NBA (talent-wise at least), unless they win more than 9 games, nobody is going to care about that.  So can the Nets do it?  Al Iannazzone chimes in with his opinion in his latest blog post for the YES Network:

The Nets can, and probably, should avoid that record. Yes, they have had stretches like 18 consecutive losses. But twice they won three in 14 games and once three in 15 games. So it’s possible.

Also, the schedule lightens up a little with seven games currently against teams under .500, including at Philadelphia, Washington and Indiana and home for Sacramento, Detroit and Chicago.

Really, this is all the Nets have to play for at this point: pride and avoiding the record. But it’s going to take a commitment to doing what needs to be done on both ends of the floor.

I agree with Mr. Iannazzone here.  I think the Nets should be able to get three wins, let’s break it down.

3/16 vs Atlanta

The Hawks have blown out the Nets twice already this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again. The Hawks pace creates a ton of possessions, and the Nets just aren’t efficient enough to keep up with them.

Result:  Loss (7-60)

3/17 @ Philadelphia

The Nets have lost 3 games to the Sixers by a combined 10 points, and in all of them the Nets seemed to lack execution in the clutch.  Plus, the Sixers are on a “Nets-like” run right now, having lost 9 of their last 10 games.  I think the Nets can come away with a win here.

Result – Win (8-60)

3/20 vs Toronto

Toronto, like Atlanta, loves to push the pace, and the Nets really seem to struggle when playing the Raptors.

Result – Loss (8-61)

3/ 22 vs Miami

The Nets have lost two games against the Heat by a combined 4 points (1 was on a buzzer-beater from Dwyane Wade).  The Heat are fighting for playoff position in the Eastern Conference, so the Nets are sure to get their best effort.

Result – Loss (8-62)

3/24 vs Sacramento

Tyreke Evans has been killing it as of late, and on paper, the Kings seem to be a really tough match-up for the Nets.  You have a young athletic 4 in Jason Thompson returning home to Jersey and I think he is going to have  a really big game.  Devin Harris struggles against bigger guards, which is what Tyreke Evans is.

Result – Loss (8-63)

3/26 vs Detroit

The Nets played the Pistons twice in a span of four days, and lost both games in highly competitive efforts.  I think the Nets are going to use their past experiences against this team to figure out how to come away with a win.

Result – Win (9-63)

3/27 @ Chicago

Once the Nets get to 9 wins, I think you are going to see a much looser team.  You can see when this team gets close late, they really press and just can’t execute because of it.  Once they hit the 9 win mark, I expect this pressing to disappear, and with the confidence of already beating the Bulls on the road, I think they take this one too.

Result – Win (10-63)

3/29 vs San Antonio

The Spurs are pushing for a playoff spot and are trying to prove that they aren’t over the hill yet.  I think they use their veteran savvy and will to win to get one against the Nets.

Result – Loss (10-64)

3/31 vs Phoenix

The Lopez twins are going to be battling it out again.  We got some good stuff the last time these two played, and I think Brook will end up getting the best out of Robin this time out.  However, again, the pace will hurt the Nets.

Result – Loss (10-65)

4/3 vs New Orleans

The Hornets have a weapon that really seems to be killing the Nets, a PF who can hit the outside jumper and still bang around on the inside.  David West is going to go off on the Nets when these two teams play.

Result – Loss (10-66)

4/4 @ Washington

The Wizards have beaten the Nets twice recently with two lesser guys hitting key jumpers late.  First it was Earl Boykins and the second time, it was Randy Foye.  I think the Nets will play some lock down late and come away with the win this time.

Result – Win (11-66)

4/7 @ Milwaukee

The Bucks are one of the hottest teams in the NBA, and I don’t think the Nets have a chance when going up against them.  The Bucks use Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings so well on offense, that I expect both to have big games.

Result – Loss (11-67)

4/9 vs Chicago

Derrick Rose is too good to let the Nets beat his team three times, even if they are going to be without Joakim Noah.  Plus, they are going to be pushing for a playoff spot and need any win that they can get.

Result – Loss (11-68)

4/10 @ Indiana

The Pacers are still working hard.  They started the fourth quarter yesterday down 14, and were able to battle back against the Bucks and keep it close.  Roy Hibbert has had Brook Lopez’s number this year, but I think the Nets will be able to come away with a win here.

Result – Win (12-68)

4/12 vs Charlotte

Sometimes a team just has another team’s number, and I think that is the case with the Nets and the Bobcats.  The Nets are 2-1 against the Bobcats (and if you think about it, they should have beaten the Bobcats a third time if it wasn’t for that 9 point quarter).  The Bobcats are going to be battling for playoff position, but I don’t know if that matters.

Result – Win (13-68)

4/14 @ Miami

Dwyane Wade isn’t going to let the Heat lose to a 13 win team, and he is going to have a big game, getting the Heat the win.

Result – Loss (13-69)

So there you have it.  I think the Nets are going to be able to not only avoid infamy, but also avoid a 70 loss season.  This is a pretty conservative estimate as well (which speaks to how soft the Nets schedule is).  I wouldn’t be surprised if they came away with 16 or 17 wins this season.