The Nets are the worst shooting franchise in NBA history



…Almost. If you discount the Charlotte Bobcats, who have been in the league less than a decade, the Nets franchise has posted the worst true shooting percentage of every NBA franchise since the league introduced the three-point line in 1980. At 51.97 percent, they only barely lead the young Bobcats, who have a franchise true shooting percentage of 51.71 percent.

It makes sense. The Nets have had only a few sharpshooters in their NBA history, and only one center (Brook Lopez, for about five years) who they could rely on for easy baskets inside. Volume scorers litter the team’s franchise history, from Derrick Coleman to Stephon Marbury to Chris “Trade Me” Morris and back. It ain’t pretty.

Overall, the Nets have the third-worst two-point percentage, the fourth-worst three-point percentage, and the 13th-worst free throw percentage in history among all NBA franchises.

Andrew Powell-Morse of BestTickets compiled the full data and some cool visualizations, which you can see below.

Best Tickets — NBA Shooting By the Numbers (1980-Today)