The Martian Manhunter’s Got A New Site, Y’all

MarShon “Martian” (ask his mom about it – seriously…word to mother) Brooks has a new website (!) and it’s probably one of the coolest, cleanest sites that you might find of any of the league players, let alone of a layperson or web professional. Quite simply, it’s all about MarShon doin’ work.

Upon the visit, you’ll notice that the layout space of is wide and spacious, downright artsy in scope and space. Widescreen page layouts, hi-res photos of him scoring on every page, and generally looks like something that’s owned explicitly by its namesake’s mark of identity. He’s all over the place without it looking tacky. It really does put the “home” in homepage.

I love his stylized logo of his first and last name initials; the M & B kind of remind me of a font that Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens would’ve designed in the movie “Boomerang.”

You can flip through seven main pages of his website: the M-insignia’d home page, the Bio, the News, Community, the Photos, the Videos, and the image Downloads. Each page caters to the clean, distinct likeness of Mr. Brooks, without MarShon at all coming across as a ham; it’s like you’re walking through his virtual upscale apartment (that he maybe owns in real life??).

One thing that I found interesting, and thus, has made me appreciate Mr. Brooks a bit more, is that though he was first born and lived in New Jersey in the first few years of his life (he’s a bit of a hometown kid for the Nets, it seems), he actually was raised in Atlanta and attended school in a suburb of Atlanta (Tucker); it’s significant to me, personally, because not even two years ago I lived in Atlanta, and it’s somewhat of a second home to me geographically.

(Very good, MarShon…)

In all, check out and see what he’s about there. It’s not a waste of time, and actually, it’s a visual sweetness for the eyes with its motion and penchant for color (there’s no dead white space anywhere and not blacked out in the background, which is fairly common for athlete websites for some nebulous reason).

Enjoy yourself.