Terrence Williams, Goodbye. Sasha Vujacic…. Hello?

Billy King wanted to make a move, and a move did Billy King make. Trouble-attractor Terrence Williams is no longer a New Jersey Net, as multiple reports confirm that he is headed to the Houston Rockets for two-first round picks and Lakers forward Sasha Vujacic. Joe Smith is also headed to Los Angeles.

The Nets are clearly stockpiling assets trying to make a super-offer for Carmelo Anthony, but my first reaction is that I just can’t help but dislike this deal. Terrence Williams, despite his issues this season, has got to be worth more than a late first-rounder this year, a likely mid-first rounder next year, and the league leader in used hair gel bottles. (Er, I mean, welcome to the Nets, Sasha?)

But, to be fair, this is a first-reaction to a multiple-step plan – there’s a clear intention here that the Nets are trying to make the bigger deal. I just don’t feel good about it.