TBG Player Preview 2017-18: Jarett Allen

Elizabeth Swinton/Managing Editor
Elizabeth Swinton/Managing Editor

Jarett Allen, Center

2016-17: 32.2 MPG, 13.4 PPG, .56 FG%, 8.5 RPG, 0.8 APG, 0.6 SPG, 1.5 BPG, .56 FT%, 33 G

Who is Jarett Allen?

The 2017-18 rookie class includes some of the most intriguing players we’ve seen in a long time. A record 16 freshmen were selected in the first round, and the Nets were more than thrilled to be a part of this trend. When Jarett Allen worked out for the Nets, front office and management were so blown away that they thought, “There’s no way this kid drops to us.” A  6-foot, 10-inch player with a wingspan of 7 feet, 5 inches and a 9-foot, 1-inch standing reach?! Nope, not a chance.

Well, their prayers were answered. Although he is far from a finished product, Allen has got some serious potential. His physical attributes and athleticism fit the bill on today’s prototypical big man. Some question his motor and desire to play basketball, but with the emphasis the front office has placed on player development, it can be expected that the Nets will do everything in their power to flip that around.

He’s also…a nerd. Not in a demeaning way, but a fun quirky way much like Brook Lopez was. But with Lopez off to la la land, someone had to fill the void of team geek and Allen looks like the obvious heir apparent. During his off time, Jarett likes to build computers, LEGO sets and has a deep passion for video games. Let’s hope he steals our hearts the same way our former center did *sheds tear.

2016-17 Recap:

Allen burst on the scene the second half of his lone season at Texas. He put together a strong string of games toward the end of the year, including a 22-point, 19-rebound performance vs Kansas that undoubtedly boosted his draft position to the first round.


He showed that he was capable of scoring down low and grabbing rebounds, but some questioned if he was taking advantage of his physical prowess like he should be. He only blocked 1.5 shots per game and he seems like a player that should be averaging in the 2.5 to 3 range. That being said, the tools are there.

Some scouts considered Allen a lottery talent and saw him being drafted from the No. 10-20 range, so he could end up being a steal at No. 22.

What does Jarett Allen bring to the table?

He brings length, athleticism, and excitement! He could provide some rim-rattling dunks and putbacks that can provide a spark plug when needed. Allen is also one of three players on this Nets team that is over 6 feet, 8 inches, so you can expect him to be the featured big on certain lineups.

Allen could be thrust into a bigger role as the season progresses due to Timofey Mozgov’s injury history, much like Isaiah Whitehead with Jeremy Lin. But we should expect to see a few rookie mistakes to start off the season and see him grow as the year moves along.

We should also see growth on the defensive end. We didn’t quite see that in college, but when you have the support of NBA level assistant coaches and player development guru Kenny Atkinson on your corner, you can expect to see a big leap on that side of the floor. His frame is too tailor-made for that Rudy Gobert role to not see his defensive instincts come to fruition at some point

The Bottom Line:

The Nets are a very young team, but they didn’t have a young big-man they could see holding down the paint in the years to come. Lopez was amazing, but he was 29 years old on an expiring contract. Allen could be that replacement, especially in a system that doesn’t ask him to do too much.

We shouldn’t expect a whole lot from Allen, but hopefully, we see some progression. As long as we see that he is a definite part of the future, he will have a successful season.

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